S&D Group – Latin America Day: ‘Towards a new EU-Latin America Progressive Agenda’


The second edition of the S&D Latin America Day,  organised in partnership with the PES, will take place in Brussels on Wednesday 7 June. The theme of this edition is ‘Towards a New Progressive EU-Latin America Agenda’.

The purpose of this event is to strengthen ties between progressive forces in Latin America and Europe, and to contribute to the discussion and promotion of an increased and improved cooperation with the aim of building and implementing an ambitious social, democratic and environmental agenda in both regions. The S&D Group strongly believes in the need to open spaces for dialogue to reflect on how to strengthen our common values and interests around the world, and how to effectively address – together – the global challenges we face.

Background and context

This exchange is timelier than ever, given the specific political context in Latin America. Despite the rise of the far right, recent electoral processes have resulted in new left-wing governments across the region. The result is a robust progressive agenda in a large part of the territory, which may favour significantly more productive cooperation than before with the EU and other regional and international organisations.

The events that have unfolded in the past year, after Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, the consequent impacts on the energy market and global supply chains show that there is a need for like-minded partners to strengthen their relations in order to play a stronger role on the global scene. There is a clear and mutual interest to pursue this strategy and an increasing political will to achieve it.

The S&Ds’ 2023 ‘Latin America Day’ will mainly focus on the need for revitalised multilateralism, as well as on the promotion of a progressive agenda in both regions based on social justice, democracy, and environmental protection.

The event will consist of two panel discussions, taking place between 14:30 and 18:30. They will be livestreamed to enable a general audience to follow the debates and discussions:

1.             ‘A new international alignment for a reinforced multilateralism’ (14:30-16:30), with former heads of state and government of Latin American and European countries.

2.             ‘New progressive voices setting the agenda in Latin America’ (16:45-18:30), with important emerging political figures from Latin American countries.

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