Grupo de Puebla condemns the terrorist attack against the MAS headquarters in Bolivia

COMUNICADO Grupo de Puebla

The Grupo de Puebla – an organization of more than 48 leaders from 17 countries – , in conjunction with its legal dimension CLAJUD, condemns the political violence and the attempts by the Bolivian far-right to install a climate of democratic destabilization, now with terrorist attacks, such as the one perpetrated against the headquarters of the Movimiento Al Socialismo.

These actions are just one more attempt to undermine the sovereign will of the Bolivian people, a peaceful people with a democratic tradition, who expressed themselves at the polls and trusted the elected President, Luis Arce, to lead the highland country, after the Coup of State orchestrated by the Organization of American States (OAS) in 2019.

The attack took place within the framework of the first day of roadblocks and a strike called by far-right organizations, which, faithful to their pre-established script, again spread an alleged electoral fraud and try to prevent the MAS government from assuming the presidency next Sunday.

We call on the international community, all forces committed to democracy, peace and Human Rights to protect and support the democratic and popular process in Bolivia, to strongly condemn foreign interference and the destabilizing actions of oligarchic and coup groups in against the popular will.

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