The Grupo de Puebla renews its support for President Alberto Fernández of Argentina.

The Grupo de Puebla renews its support and commitment to the task of the Government that President Alberto Fernandez has been carrying out in the Republic of Argentina. Among its achievements, it highlights the progress of his social project in the midst of the pandemic and the renegotiation of the heavy economic burden he received in terms of foreign debt.

Likewise, the group remarks the commitment of President Alberto Fernández with the progressive principles of the rejection of foreign military interventions, the non-interference in the internal affairs of the States, the peaceful solution of controversies and the full validity of human rights, which have oriented the participation of Argentina in the International Contact Group that seeks a prompt, peaceful and democratic solution to the crisis that the brother country of Venezuela is going through.

Finally, Puebla is grateful for the welcome given by its Government to the comrades from Puebla in Ecuador and Bolivia who have been forced to leave their country, harassed by acts of political persecution that have endangered their freedom, their lives and their political rights.

1. Rafael Correa

2. Ernesto Samper

3. Dilma Rousseff

4. Aloizio Mercadante

5. Andrés Arauz

6. Fernando Lugo

7. Fernando Haddad

8. Marco Enríquez-Ominami

9. Hugo Martínez

10. Carol Proner

11. Carlos Sotelo

12. Daniel Martínez

13. Jose Miguel Insulza

14. Gabriela Rivadeneira

15. Guillaurme Long

16. Celso Amorin

17. María José Pizarro

18. Jorge Taiana

19. Esperanza Martínez

20. Camilo Lagos

21. Alejandro Navarro

22. Ana Isabel Prera

23. Carlos Ominami

24. Mónica Xavier

25. Iván Cepeda


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